Our retreats are designed to create inspiring and personalized experiences for each traveler. Set in stunning destinations, retreats offer an opportunity to explore new landscapes and cultures while deepening your practice and experiencing the powerful interconnectedness of humanity. A combination of daily yoga, curated cultural activities, delicious food, and time set aside to honor your personal retreat make up the Travel Soul Yoga experience.

All 2020 retreats are postponed to 2022.
We can't wait to reunite!


April 6-11, 2022

Come along for a six day immersion in Budapest and learn about the history, culture and architecture of this wonderful city.

Our days will be filled with guided walking tours discovering hidden secrets, gastronomic adventures with Hungarian wines and relaxing spa visits to end your day the way locals do. We will stay in an eclectic palace built by the Hungarian Freemasons in the 19th century which now serves as a 5-star hotel.

The journey’s concept is to guide you through the daily life of Budapest, blending contemporary...

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Amalfi Coast

May 23 - 30, 2022

Below the mountains and above the sea, our private retreat villa rests on the picturesque cliffs of Maiori, a picturesque fishing village in the Salerno province.

Twice daily yoga, boating trips to Capri and Positano, a cooking class + wine tasting, and free time to luxuriate in a pool overlooking the sea are highlights. Our own private grotto is set to dazzle...

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June 23-30, 2022

With views of olive groves and almond plantations, our finca offers a peaceful getaway tucked away in soulful rolling hills. 

Each day begins with yoga in our private shala, followed by fresh Mediterranean brunch cooked by our personal chef. Our days are designed with a balance of structure and time set aside to honor your personal retreat. Excursions include visits to beaches, a guided tour of Palma, a mindfulness hike, and a visit to a biodynamic winery...

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dalmatian Coast

Summer 2022

Glimmering waters, secluded beaches, exquisite dining and pristine white-stone architecture comprise Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast.

We begin our retreat in the bustling coastal town of Split, where old world charm meets modern luxury. Our first night is spent inside Diocletian’s Palace, an UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most well-preserved palaces of the Roman Empire, built in 305 AD. From Split, we continue to the nearby island of Brac where white pebbled beaches, picturesque vineyards, quaint stone villages and fresh Mediterranean cuisine await. Our private villa is located in a rustic hillside village that offers both tranquility and proximity to breathtaking beaches...

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Mexico City + Tepoztlán

October 28 - November 3, 2022

There’s magic in Mexico and we want to be a part of it. Our retreat begins in captivating Mexico City, described by Lonely Planet as, “the sun in the Mexican solar system.” We’ll spend our first two nights at a boutique luxury hotel in charming Polanco, an upscale international neighborhood known for its museums, galleries, and restaurants.

On our third day, we will make our way to Tepoztlán, a historic mountain town just 50 miles south of Mexico City known for its lush green cliffs, magical craft market, and creative energetic vibration. According to Mesoamerican legend, Tepoztlán is the birthplace of Quetzalcóatl, the Aztec plumed serpent god...

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