Travel Soul Yoga is founded on the transformative practices of travel and yoga. We provide experiences that fuse these powerful practices in awe-inspiring locations around the globe. The touchstones of our retreats are pristine destinations, soul-stirring moments, and personalized yoga practice.


Traveling; it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. -Ibn Battuta


Venture to captivating destinations and expand your awareness of world and self.

Explore new landscapes and cultures while experiencing the powerful interconnectedness of humanity.

Step away from the routine of daily life and embrace exploration, creativity, rest, and play while deepening your practice.


Follow your bliss. -Joseph Campbell


Shower your soul with love and goodness through new experiences, meditation, yoga, and connection with nature.

Spend time in stillness to journey inward and discover the divine light within.

Return home reinvigorated, inspired, and ready to savor the wonders of life.


What you seek is seeking you. -Rumi


Nurture mind, body, and spirit through pranayama, meditation, and asana practice.

Strengthen connection with Self as you deepen and expand your practice with personalized instruction from experienced, passionate teachers.

Play with self discovery as you move through the strength and ease of yoga in beautiful corners of our world.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my first yoga retreat with Travel Soul Yoga! I spent four days on the EXPANSIVENESS retreat in Sedona and the Grand Canyon–this retreat was a great opportunity to get to connect with my inner-self and to connect with others. Travel Soul Yoga is truly a unique company for international and domestic traveling experiences. You will walk away from the experience learning more about yourself!
L. Samuels
Sedona & Grand Canyon, 2017
My heart is so full from this amazing experience. I bonded with an awesome group of strangers that I now feel so much closer to. I got on a horse for the first time, hiked in a forest that is 7000 ft high, got to breathe the freshest air at the top of the mountain, did yoga twice daily and it was my first time practicing, and got to meditate at the purest lake in the world! Thank you Travel Soul Yoga!Bianca K.
Southern Oregon, 2018
I’ve been doing yoga for five years and this was my first yoga retreat but definitely not the last one! I always thought yoga retreats were for yogis but I can tell you now that anyone can and should try it. I’m lucky that my first yoga retreat was with Travel Soul Yoga because they were very caring and professional, young and energetic, loving and lovable. I will highly recommend it to my friends and look forward to my second retreat with Travel Soul Yoga.M. Yerevanian
Sedona & Grand Canyon, 2017
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