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In Sanskrit, Svādhyāya refers to the sacred study of oneself.

Cocoon Work is a collection of courses that offers Svādhyāya through a thoughtful combination of guiding videos, intention and visualization practices, writing exercises, and meditation. Each component of Cocoon Work is designed to provide you with clear access to your highest Self.

When you align with your highest Self, your life unfolds in miraculous ways. 

Our first mini-course, Tune Into Your Highest Self, can be completed in a few hours or over the span of a few days. Once you access the Tune Into Your Highest Self experience, you have access to it for life. Cocoon Work is a practice you can return to anytime, whether you're seeking clarity, inspiration, forward movement, or a deeper understanding of yourself.

When you tune in, you live a more authentic, powerful, and joyful life that is the fullest expression of YOU.



Here Is what's included

Unlimited Access to the Tune Into Your Highest Self experience : Video + PDFs

Five writing + reflection exercises that invoke clarity, inspiration, alignment and action

Heart-Centered Guided Meditations

Free Downloadable Workbook

Limited Time Bonuses

Ten Mantras to Raise Your Frequency

A Quick Guide to Daily Practices that align you with your Highest Self


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