Y o g a    R e t r e a t s   i n    C a p t i v a t i n g    D e s t i n a t i o n s

Travel Soul Yoga is founded on the transformative practices of travel and yoga. We provide experiences that fuse these powerful practices in awe-inspiring locations around the globe. The touchstones of our retreats are pristine destinations, soul-stirring moments, and personalized yoga practice.


“I had the best time on the TSY Croatia trip! The sights were beautiful. The food and drink were delicious, and the time we spent at the beach and on the water were amazing ! We had twice daily yoga sessions and I was finally comfortable enough to try my first assisted inversions or arm balances. Katya planned the trip meticulously so that we made the most of our schedule. I left feeling both rested and inspired!”

-Amiyra L.
Los Angeles, California




“My heart is so full from this amazing experience. I bonded with an awesome group of strangers that I now feel so much closer to. I got on a horse for the first time, hiked in a forest 7000 ft high, got to breathe the freshest air at the top of the mountain, did yoga twice daily and it was my first time practicing, and got to meditate at the purest lake in the world!
Thank you Travel Soul Yoga!”

-Bianca K.
Atlanta, Georgia


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